Why joining Arsenal (might be) a perfect move for Danny Welbeck

I have to admit, it was kind of irritated me when i read the news about Danny Welbeck’s move to one of United rival. I can’t hide the fact that it would be ok for me (and maybe the entire United fans) to see him move for another team (Villa, Spurs or Sunderland).
His biggest problem at United was : never been given a chance to play as the main striker (center forward). He often deployed as a winger or a wide forward instead of his preferable position.
My biggest concern is : Arsene Wenger’s track record.
Remember this guy and his goal record before being saved by Wenger ?

Henry at Juventus

Henry was also often deployed as a left winger during his time at Juventus under Carlo Ancelotti. He only managed to score 3 goals during his 16 appearances with The Old Lady. And what happened after his move to the North London side was an epic story that has been written in Arsenal’s record book.
Now, look at Welbeck’s track record with United : 20 goals from 92 league matches. That was about 1 goal per 4.6 games. Not a bad record for a player who often played out wide instead of a center forward.
With Wenger’s ability to turn Henry into a player he was during his time at Arsenal. I’m afraid that he might be able to do the same thing with Welbeck as well.


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