Salzburg & 30 Seconds to Mars

So, this is my story for this week. But, it was last week actually. At the 2nd of November 2013. I (with one other Indonesian friend) went to the city of Salzburg. It took like 2 hours and 30 minutes by train from the Munich Central Station. But wait, Salzburg isn’t the part of Germany. Right, Salzburg is the first train staition in Austria that you will pass by if you took a regional train from Munich. So, the train was leaving Munich at 8:27  in the morning and schedulled to be arrived at Salzburg aroung 10:45. Surprisingly, the train was fully loaded with the passengers (whose i think mostly students). It was very convinient to travel by train here in Germany. Especially, they have several different types of ticket. Last week, i decided to use this so called “Bayern Karte” or in english “Bavaria Ticket”. At weekend or public holiday, this ticket will valid from 9 in the morning until 3 in the following morning. For one person, it cost 22 Euro, but wait, if travel together with your friends it will go cheaper. For example, 2 person ticket will only cost 26 Euro.



Me and my friends already decided which place that will be visited during this one day trip. Since  we only got like around 5-6 hours to be there (the last train from Salzburg to Munich will leave at 5:09 in the afternoon). The first stop was Hangar 7, it’s a museum for aircraft, race car, formula 1 car, race bike and the most astonishing one is the Stratos capsule which was used by Felix Baumgartner for his famous jump from Stratosphere to break the record as the fastest man on earth. I took some pictures of the display, but the visitors were not allowed to publish it in internet.

After the Hangar 7, the next destination was the Spielzeug Museum or the Toy Museum of Salzburg.

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What i really admired about this western world is : they offered you more choice for the kind of places that you will able to visit during your free time with a very affordable price. The entry ticket will only cost you 2 Euro (if you below 26 years old). It was a nice place to visit, there were a lot of toys in exhibit and some old toys from the past. I was wondering that one day we will have this kind of museum in my homeland.

It was around 3 PM when we decided to leave the toy museum. Luckily, this museum is located around the Old Town of Salzburg. We had like 1 and a half hour to discover this Alt Stadt and finally found a place on the side of the river to had this late lunch. I didn’t notice until i read it in Wikipedia that Salzburg was the place were some parts of The Sound of Music movie filmed. Aside from that, Salzburg was the birth place of the famous musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

My last stop in Salzburg was the Mirabella Garden. This was the exact place were the famous do re mi song from The Sound of Music was filmed. The garden is very beautiful and free entry also. From here we can see the very best view of the Hohensalzburg Fortress.

Around 4:30 PM i took the bus from the front of this garden back to the central station.  We were already inside the train 10 minutes before the departure time.

Heading back home

I was sleeping in the most part of this way back trip to Munich. Around 7:30 PM the train arrived at the Munich central station. It was a very nice short trip. Next time, I should explore the other side of the old town from this city. (See you later Salzburg, million thanks for the 5 wonderful hours)

Ok, was it the end of my day? The answer : no!! Back home, at my room when i was surfing around the internet and then when i hit the Gram of 30 Seconds to Mars profile, I found that they were in their european tour to promote their latest album. So, i directly checked their website and booom, luckily their will have a show in Munich at 6 of November. And, you know what, i got the ticket the night before the show!! Damn lucky, i got a chance to see one of my favourite band perform live.

And it was my first ever experience to watch a music concert live (aside from JGTC back at UI of course :p). And thanks to Jared, Shannon and Tomo to gave me a very nice (if it wasn’t great) first experience.


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