Jari Litmanen!!

Actually,yesterday i don’t have any plan to made a visit to the Goethe Haus. I just had one plan which was to attend the weeding party of my collage friend near the Halim Perdana Kesuma airport. so, i took the train to the cawang station and take a taxi to where the ceremony took place. I open the Twitter when i was in the train (Unintentionaly) and read some post from several news office and than my eyes stick into one post “Jari Litmanen will attend the Europe on Screen”. And then i check the schedule for this event. Bamm, it was in the same day, and will be held at 14:30 in the Goethe Haus. So, this idea came very short after that, i will go to the Goethe Institut. But, first i had to attend the weeding ceremony. At the weeding ceremony i met some friends from collage.

Raka's Weeding

I was there until 1 pm. and then i went back to the cawang station and took another train to the gondangdia station. at the Goethe Haus, i saw some people wearing the Ajax Amsterdam jersey (later i knew they are from the Indo Ajax community). First thing i need to do there was : looking for a ticket. i went to the administration table, wrote my name and they handed the ticket. Oh wait, Jari Litmanen wasn’t there yet. So, i went to the Goethe Mushola for a Dzuhur pray. After that, people already waiting outside. Finally, he came!!

Jari Litmanen Jakarta

IMG_20130505_140706The organizer said that the attendants could take a photo with him after the screening. so, i just follow him until he stop and sit, 2 Ajax fans already there to ask for a signature on their ajax shirt and of course to take a photo with him. So, I ventured my self to ask for a photo with him and he said “no problem”. Haha, i was lucky!!

IMG_20130505_140842While other people watching this movie with football jersey, i came up with this batik. And then, at 14:30 the movie was started. The length of the movie is about 105 minutes. It was started with his teenage era when Jari started his career as an amateur football player, and then you know, he reach all of his career highlight during his glorious day with Ajax Amsterdam during the mid of 90’s. Champions League winner, Champions League top scorer, Eredivisie champions for several seasons. We might said that Jari was one of the catalyst for Louis Van Gaal team at that time. at the end of the movie, the attendants were given a chance to ask him a question. So, luckily (for the 2nd time) i got a chance to ask him. I asked him 2 simple question : who was the toughest defender he played against and who was his favorite striking partner. For the 1st question he said “that defender from the Volendaam team (who caused him to receive his 1st ever career red card)” suddenly then entire room was laughed, he continue with a serious answer “it was Marcell Dessaily during the 95 Champions League final, he gave me a hard time during that match”. But well, for the 2nd question he can’t decide it, he mention a lot of name, from Dennis Bergkamp, Patrcik Kluivert, Luis Figo, Rivaldo, Michael Owen, mostly his team mate during his long career. And now, at the age of 42, he’s under a treatment for his ankle injury.

if you want to know how great he was during his prime time, just watch the video below :


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