Integrated Transportation Map

This whole idea about public transportation map suddenly came when I have to visit one of the office in Sudirman Area, Central Jakarta. I will show you 2 different pictures of 2 maps from 2 public transports in Jakarta.

Peta Busway

As you can see, if i want to go from depok to plaza festival in rasuna said (kuningan district), which public transport that i have to choose ? what time they will arrive in depok, and how long will it take from my location to the destination place? I had to go to Menara Standard Chartered twice last week, i got a little bit problem with the type of public transport that i have to choose. I try to use googlemaps to find it (i learn this way when i was in Japan,and it works), but it didn’t work as I expected. So, i ask some friends, they said that I have to take a train to Sudirman train station and walk about 5 minutes to the nearest transjakarta (which is Bendungan Hilir) station to the karet transjakarta station. From this experience, i wish that the governing body of this public transport willing to create this integrated public transport map. believe me, it will help everyone a lot. The easiest way to do is by combining this two maps into 1 sheet.


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