History of Jam Gadang

I’m not sure when was my first time visiting the “Jam Gadang” in the downtown of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra. “Jam Gadang”  is the local name for “giant clock”. This giant clock was properly placed in the center of the town. until the last hour, i don’t know the real story behind it. 26 meter standing tall in the center of the city, Jam Gadang was very famous for the number in the watch (not everyone pay attention to this), look at the picture below

you can see something wrong with the watch 😀

Jam Gadang was build in 1926 designed by Yazid Sutan Gigi Ameh, it was a gift from The Dutch Queen for Rook Maker (Bukittinggi was under the Dutch Colonial Government). This building consist of 4 watches facing four sides of the building, each watch has 80 cm diameter. the las shape of the top of the building is the shape of Minangkabau traditional house (Rumah Gadang). Today jam gadang very famous as the symbol of the city.


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