a 140 influential character

Have you ever imagine that a 140 character which being posted by someone else will affect or start affecting the entire nation ?  log on to Twitter and you will find the answer. this social network media have become a “cancer” in our daily life. i don’t know the thing inside twitter that make us unable to control our fingers to stop writing and hit the “tweet” button.

One of my friends in twitter said that “even the most quiet person in the real world will become fussy in twitter world”. once again, log on to twitter and you will find the answer. people has their own reason to start using twitter. my own reason is to stay connected with my friends and having a conversation with them. the other reason is to know any news update, since almost all of news station in this country has a twitter account and you will read a  news notification from them. as ultimate reason, i want to read any update from a famous person right away from them. since i love football very much, some of the account that followed by me are the twitter account of football player. it ‘s always nice reading a tweet before and after the match from some football player. let’s take Rio Ferdinand an example, he used to post a tweet  two or three hours before the game and then after the game he will post a comment about the result of the match.

The 2010 AFF Cup has shown the influence of twitter, or twitter effect. people start to post something about our national team,either that related to the game or the thing outside the match. some people show their support for the national team from their tweet. one of the national team player also post a tweet about the tournament. Bambang Pamungkas for example,he used to post a tweet to encourage his teammate. the amazing part is, most of his tweets become a good influence for us. one of his latest tweet said that we still have chance to win the tournament, there are still 90 more minutes to be conquered.


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