Life is like an endless road

i’m trying to write something about life philosophy. this is kind of thing that i’ve never done before. this idea came up when i’m googling about a long road picture, and then i found so many of long endless road picture .

back to the philosophy, a long road. we will never know a condition about one of the point of the road until we reach that point. all we have to do is mark a target and then walk to reach the point which have been marked before. the journey to the marked point are similar with our daily life, from the early morning to the late night, we live a life which being limited by time, a time dependence. each of us has the same asset which called a 24 hours. it depends on each of us to optimize the time that we have.

all we can do just prepare for everything that would happen during our journey..prepare for any kind of thing that could appear in our life…


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