IMAT 2010

IMAT is a abbreviations of International Meeting of Advance in Thermofluids, for this year (2010) National University of Singapore was the selected host. This meeting is a science conference for mechanical engineering, especially the thermofluids studies. every year, this conference will be participated by 3 biggest university in shouteast asia, Universitas Indoneisa, National University of Singapore and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia.

The delegation from Mechanical Engineering Department Universty of Indonesia was consist of 12 persons, we flew to singapore from jakarta on 29 november, with the service of Value Air. The Boarding time was 09:10 AM locel time, then arrived in changi, singapore at 11:50 AM local time. at changi airport we are waited by team from NUS, so from the airport we go directly to the hotel near the NUS campus, located at Pasir Panjang road.

After lunch we made the visit to the air conditioning laboratory in the NUS campus, after spent an hour in the lab tour, the professor from NUS take us to the caffetaria inside the campus, a tea in the afternoon.

3 persons in the picture are : Prof Maciej from poland, he’s an expert in cryogenic, Prof. Idrus from mechanical engineering Unversitas Indonesia, and the last one is Prof Yulianto. and for the Dinner, Prof. Ng from NUS take us to the restaurant near the downtown for a dinner.

2nd day, the conference day, the conference were held at the Furama Riverfront, a hotel located at the Havelock Street. the conference  scheduled to start at 07:30 AM until 05:00 PM local time. the conference seperated into 4  sessions. at the end of every session there will be a coffee break. i’m going to presenting a poster from the cryosurgery research.

There is a picture when i was explaining the poster to Prof Noam from philadelpia, i hope he understand with my explenation. the poster presentation were held before the lunch break for 30 minutes. after the conference there were a closing ceremony, Prof Harinaldi handover the souvenirs to Prof Ng as a token of gratitude.

After the closing ceremony, the conference officialy closed with the banquet dinner at the Fullerton Boathouse, this place located near to the Merlion Statue, but unfortunately it was raining when we arrived. so, we have to wait to visit the statue. the banquet was amazing, especially the food 😀 .

Luckily,before the end of the banquet the rain were stop, so i got the chance to go to the Merlion Statue and take some picture around the deck. since the Fullerton Boathouse just across the bridge from the Statue, we can walk to the statue, there are pedestrian walk under the Fullerton Bridge, so we dont have to worry about the car.

the night after the banquet, we go directly to Johor Baru,Malaysia, then we have to go before the end of the banquet. we made a short visit to the UTM campus, and made a lab tour. surprisingly, Prof Noam joint us during the visit to Malaysia, and much more surprise when he joint us back to indonesia.

i will write the story during the visit in malaysia for the next psot.

to be continued…


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