How to get Autodesk Inventor student edition

Hello all, i’m back again with another post and i hope this post can help you all with Autodesk Inventor. as we know, autodesk inventor is one of the available drawing software (especially for mechanical engineering students).

But, as a student (for personal use) we always find it hard to get  the genuine version of any kind of software because the high price of it. thanks to Autodesk,since the itroduction of  Autodesk Education Community we can have the license code for the autodesk inventor software, so we can run the student version of the software in our personal computer (thanks a lot Autodesk).

There’s still some questions on your mind, how to get the license code ? all you need to do is register directly to the website. after chose the register menu, you have to fill the registration page (just as easy as we register on facebook or twitter)

Select your home country and then fill the informations needed to complete this registration page. once you’ve complete this part. you will recieve the notification mail from autodesk to activate your membership, click the link that they send to you. after that we can log in to the website with using your email as the username.

After complete the registration, you will be able to download the software provide by Autodesk for free,but of course the student version of the software.  after select the version of the software that you want to download, you will go to the license code page.

Click the “get serial” you will get the genuine serial number for the software, and you will be able to run a legal software in your personal computer.



7 thoughts on “How to get Autodesk Inventor student edition

  1. Is there a difference between the student version and a non-student version? Is there watermarked images, limited features/functionality, or limited file support in the student version? thanks.

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