Manchester United vs Valencia CF

This is the 2nd time for booth manchester united and Valencia CF drawn together in the 2nd group stage of UEFA Champions League back in 1999/2000. The Red Devils and El Che played 2 games where one of it was won 3-0 by Man United at old trafford and another match ended goaless at mestalla stadium.

Back to the end of the 2nd millenium, at that time Man United were lead by their latest charismatic leader, Roy Keane (actully this was his best champions league season for Man United,by porformance). Keane scored one of the goal when united beat valencia 3-0 at old trafford. This season Man United were fight as the defending champions of the UEFA Champions League, as a season before they were superbly won the treeble winners for the first time in club history. but it had to be ended in quarter final for this season when Real Madrid beat them on a thrilling encounter match in Old Trafford

While Valencia some people might say that they were enjoying their best footballing period, having two times in a row become the finalist of the UEFA Champions League, but this record clearly describe their manager Hector Raul Cuper as the Mr. Runner Up for a life time, since in 1998/1999 when he was a manager at Real Mallorca, he help his team to reach the last ever UEFA Cup Winners final where they were beaten by SS Lazio.

Back to the tonight match in Mestalla Stadium A.K.A the nest of the bat. Man United still struggle with their defensive line, having concede 9 goals from 6 matches in Premier League while valencia are the current leader of spanish primera liga. some people said that valencia will unable to re-achive what they have done last season with the departure of their 2 best players,David Villa and David Silva,but the current fact said the other way,they bear Bursasspor on the Matchday 1. So, For me a draw will be fair for booth side.


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