mudik 2010

this could be the longest period that i didn’t go back to my lovely hometown in Duri, 1 year!! normally, i always go to duri during the school break,but for this year i didn’t go to duri during the semester break, in order to finish my final project and then waiting for the graduation day, as i told before in the previous post (G-Day). my family come to the gradution day, Mami,Papi, my brother andre and my little sister sofi. the gradution day was held during the ramadhan, so it was kind of hard, with a crowd almost 6000 persons attend the ceremony.

the gradution day was held on 26th august, my family return to duri at the end of the month it was a brief farewell for me and my family since i followed them 3 days later πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ for the “mudik” it’s a tradition for most of the muslim in Indonesia to celebrate the Idl Fitri in their hometown.

the pictures above were taken after the idl fitri pray,as my family tradition we will walk from one house to another house of each family member. but unfortunately my uncle & my aunty unable to attend the idl fitri day in duri. the second picture is the picture of me & my cousin, we are come from the same grandpa & grandma.


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