Germany 2010 similar to france 1998

if we see the german national team that compete in this 2010 FIFA world cup, we will see the team which come from many different country of origin, almost half of the squad has a blood descendant of another country, at least 11 man.

  1. miroslav klose, lukas podolski & piotr trochowski are polish descendant.
  2. mesut ozil, sami khedira & serdar tasci are turkish descendat.
  3. dennis aogo is nigerian descendant.
  4. jerome boateng brother of  kevin prince boateng who play for ghana in this world cup is ghanaian descendant.
  5. mario gomez is partly spanish.
  6. marko marin could play for bosnia as his home country.
  7. and the last man is cacau who originally brazillian born.

actually, this is not the first case, back to 1998 FIFA world cup, the host country (france) also has a team with some descendant. as we know, france greatest footballer of all time, zinedine zidane is half algerian, youri djorkaeff is armenian descendant, robert pires is a half  portuguese, david trezeguet is argentinian descendant, almost half of the team were come from different ancestor.


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