Getting closer to the end of 4th semester


Huhf,,,rasanya baru kemaren ngisi irs on-line di siak-NG,,but look at now, I almost at the end of it. My senior and my lecturer used to say that this semester is the hardest semester for the mechanical engineering students, 5 courses with a giant credit on each course (3 credit for the little one,, 5 is the biggest credit for manufacturing process course). Tapi waktu saya ngadepin semester ini,,damn!!! Their words are for sure!!!! Apalagi di kelas kinematics and dynamics,, almost all of the students who chose that course never really get what the lecturer give.

Generally that’s the resume from my 4th semester,, personally (ehm,,ehm,,) nothing really change with me,, beside the unstoppable increase of my weight, everything stay the same with my situation when I was entered the university life…. It mean that I’m still the same person since graduate from high school,,,

Kalo ngeliat dua gambar di atas, trus dibandingin,,mungkin jadi lebih cocok jadi iklan obat penambah nafsu makan,, kira- kira seperti ini “before” untuk gambar yang kiri,, “after” untuk gambar yang kanan,, gambar pake putih abu2 itu di ambil kira2 2 taun yang lalu, just a couple week before the national test,, mungkin berat badan saya masih di bawah 60 kg tu kayanya,,, sekarang,,,bueeehhh,, udah nimbus 68 kg!!!!! ampuuun,,, beberapa t – shirt uda ga muat lagi,,,kalo d pake ada tonjolan pada bagian perut,,,hhehehe,,,



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